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Shree Multispeciality Hospital, New Sangvi, Pune is committed to the high standards of excellence in medical care. At the same time we place a lot of importance on the traditional values of hospitality and compassionate patient care. Our primary concern is to ensure that your health and comfort receives special attention and that you are given the best possible care once you enter the portals of our hospital.

Patients are registered at the reception and are seen on first come, first serve basis, however out of turn consultation may be provided in case of emergency and senior citizen. Patients have the right to consult any doctor. In OPD, clinical consultation is provided to patients which includes history taking, clinical examination, diagnosis and providing prescription to patients besides advising laboratory tests in some cases. OPD has a waiting hall with chairs, a TV. Wheel chairs and attendants are there to help very sick patients.

We give you here a few details about our hospital facilities, so that your experience at our hospital is comfortable and pleasant.

Facilities available at Hospital

OPD and Consulting Rooms

Intensive care units (ICU)

Operation Theater




Ambulance Service



Patient Room

General Ward

Delivery Room


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